In comparison to other types of dryers, we have a unique precision engineered radially balanced aerodynamic performance that has a better efficiency. Because of the balance and weighting, the blade glides true and faster on the film, resulting in greater product quality and reduced entrainment. The improved wiper shape lowers splashing, resulting in less wet salt getting into the rotor blade slots. This moist salt generates a build-up, which leads the system to shut down. In fact, the intervals between needed repeated washings are at least three to four times longer than before. Because of the balanced design, the blades will last longer and will not jam or lock up.

ATFD/ATFE manufacturer and supplier

Because of the unique mechanical construction, the product lifetime is substantially greater than prior wipers. This drying process at Pinakin Technology Solutions is derived from years of expertise in soap plant glycerol and inorganic salt recovery, and is intended for recovery and reuse and other harsh service applications like yours. The dryer technology has been tuned for glycerol extraction as well as mineral compounds. The discharging system has also been improved over time and may be explained in person. It is secret, but not necessarily proprietary. We advocate offering maximal up time or a straight trolley to remove the bottom products instead of supplying any valves to the discharge system. Pinakin Technology Solutions is one of the top waste water treatment manufacturers and suppliers in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. The company wants to achieve new heights by consistently offering our clients with high-quality, safe processes.

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