Fruit Juice Concentrator and Evaporator

Quality is our first aim at Pinakin Technology Solutions, and fruit juice extract plays a significant part in the production of various juice products. It has a significant influence on juice quality as an important raw element. The most prevalent methods for making fruit juice extract were vacuum concentrate, freeze concentration, membrane concentration, and fragrance recovery. By contrasting various fruit juice concentration process technologies, we at Pinakin Technology Solutions can determine their benefits and drawbacks, allowing the organization utilise them in juice processing. Vacuum concentration necessitates heating fruit juice under low pressure to lower the boiling point and allow the water content to rapidly evaporate. The most significant and extensively used instrument in the fruit juice

Fruit Juice Concentrator and Evaporator Manufactures in Ahmedabad

concentrate process is vacuum concentration equipment. It can be divided into two types: single-effect concentrate devices and multiple-effect concentrate devices. It comprises a main circulation tube evaporator, a coil evaporator, a rising film evaporator, a falling film evaporator,a plate type evaporator, a scraper evaporator, anda centrifugal film evaporator, depending on the heater design. The heating system concentration technology, on the other hand, utilizes the heat generated by the freezer as a heat source and inflated refrigerants as a conditioning agent, leading to increased heat utilisation. The concentration temperature is dropped to 15-20e under high vacuum conditions, which preserves the quality of concentrated juice. Evaporation and concentration require heat, which is supplied by primary and secondary steam. The former is known as single-effect evaporation, and it occurs when secondary steam is directly evaporated rather than employed for heating. Pinakin Technology Solutions strives to reach out to its consumers in the most effective way possible and ensures that their requirements are satisfied.

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