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Evaporation is a process in which water is extracted from a feed stream to generate a concentrated output stream and a separate water stream. At Pinakin Technology Solutions, we provide a comprehensive waste water treatment plant solution. The feed solution is heated in a conventional evaporator to lower the necessary heat input. A feed preheat exchanger transfers sensible heat from the hot condensate to the colder feed stream to accomplish this. The heated input stream is combined with the evaporator liquid before being heated by the main heat exchanger. Steam, electricity, hot oil, or other types of accessible energy can all be usedin this heat exchanger. Pinakin Technology Solutions is a leading waste water treatment system producer.

MVR Evaporator Manufacturers in India

Heat is delivered to the flowing channel by condensed vapours from the expander in a Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) evaporator. Mechanical mist compression raising the vapor's temperature and pressure uses far less energy than generating steam from liquid water under the same circumstances. The vapours formed by the rotating stream in the Pinakin's MVC Evaporator carries a significant quantity of energy in the form of heat transfer. Because it is at the identical level as the boiling wastewater, this vapour cannot be used as it is. To allow the primary heat exchanger to work correctly, a warmer temperature will be necessary. The mist compressor pumps the mist in order to make it consumable. By crushing the vapour, the saturation temperatureis raised to the point where the desired heat transfer in the main heat exchanger is achieved. This permits the vapor's energy to be recycled and used in the main heat exchanger, considerably increasing energy efficiency. Pinakin Technology Solutions offers the best waste water treatment plants in India, and they are the only worldwide organization that can supply waste water treatment plant solutions.

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