MVR Rising Film Evaporator

Rising Film Evaporator with MVR

Pinakin Technology Solution's rising film or vertical long tube evaporator is a form of extractor that is basically a single shell and pipe heat exchanger. The evaporation liquid. is injected into long tubes from the base and cooked by steam collecting on the tube's outside from the shell side. This is done by creating steam and vapor within the tube, which will bring the liquid inside with a boil. The resulting vapor pushes the liquid against the tube walls, forcing the liquid to rise. The centre of the tube will also have a faster acceleration as more vapor is created, pushing the excess moisture against the tube wall, forming a thin layer that flows upwards. The Rising tube evaporators manufactured at Pinakin Technology Solutions have wide range of uses, including effluent treatment,

MVR Rising Film Evaporator Manufactures in Gujarat

polymer manufacturing, food production, heat desalination, medicines, and solvent recovery. For seawater distillation, large long-tube evaporators are used. Rising tube evaporators are mostly employed as reboilers for fractional distillation, or as pre-concentrators, flash evaporators, or pre-heaters to remove volatile compounds prior to stripping in these sectors. The thermal desalination of sea water is a specific use of ascending tube evaporators. Sea water is fed into the evaporator's long tubes, where it is heated by the heating medium (typically steam). As the vapor builds inside the tubes, it rises. This evaporation takes place in a vacuum, allowing for lower temperatures to be used. Customers that visit to Pinakin Technology Solutions prefer to purchase Rising Tube Evaporators because the major benefit of this type of evaporator is the shorter recovery time of the feed solution in the evaporator when compared to certain other evaporator designs such as plate-type evaporators. This is essential because it allows the evaporator to function at greater temperatures, guaranteeing good product quality despite the product's heat sensitivity. Another advantage is the ability to run the evaporator as a constant cycle, which is more energy and time efficient than a batch system.

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