Sea Water Desalination plants

The elimination of salt and contaminants from saltwater to generate fresh water is known as desalination. The reverse osmosis method is used in our desalination facilities. Seawater is piped from the sea into the desalination plant, where it undergoes pre-treatment filtering to remove the majority of big and minute particles. The filtered saltwater is then pushed under force through special membranes, thereby reversing the natural osmosis process. Salt, germs, viruses, and other pollutants are isolated from saltwater by the membranes' microscopic holes. They essentially function as minuscule strainers. Approximately half of the seawater that enters the facility is converted to fresh drinking water. The saline and other pollutants removed from sea water are subsequently diffused back into the ocean,

Sea Water Desalination Plant in India

ensuring that it mixes swiftly and has minimal influence on the marine ecosystem. Our extensive line of water treatment systems and seawater desalination technology at Pinakin Technology Solutions is committed to improving the management of water resources. We provide our clients with the finest possible solutions to deliver high quality freshwater, manage brine concentrations, create or recover, extract raw materials, and profit on by-products, thanks to our local presence and global network of professionals. Pinakin Technology Solutions is concerned about the environment's changing conditions. Seawater makes up 71 percent of the planet's surface area and 97 percent of all water. Pinakin Technology Solutions, with years of expertise in innovation, technology, and desalination knowledge, assists governments and companies all over the world in executing their seawater desalination strategy.

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