Industrial Evaporator Stripper Column

Industrial Evaporator Stripper Column in India

Low temperature solvent removal from Liquid waste Water, de-acidification and disinfecting of fats and oils in refinery facilities are all uses for high-performance stripping columns. The combined effect of the stripping steam and vacuum will remove low boiling solvents such as methanol, ethanol, and IPA from effluent. Pinakin Technology Solution's ideal design, which includes heat recovery at every stage, will reduce the amount of steam required. Stripper column is designed for continuous operation, with no stationary zones in the system, high turbulence, and a self-cleaning mechanism. The Stripper columns are used in the pharmaceutical industry to recover low-boiling solvents from effluent before sending it to a Multi Effect Evaporator or a Controlled Circulation Evaporator.

MVR Forced Circulation Crystallizers

Pinakin Technology Solutions Industrial Evaporator Stripper Column is made from the finest materials sourced from reputable suppliers. We ensure that our customers' requirements are met with whichever equipment they are willing to buy since quality and safety are our key beliefs, and we never compromise on either. Low solvent fumes escape together with condensation when heat is applied, covering a large portion of the heat transfer rate available for absorption. Because these gases have a reduced thermal efficiency, they have a substantial impact on the soil's capacity. Besides from just that, greater Chemical Oxygen Demand in feed causes contamination of condensate water in terms of pH and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), making it difficult for the industry to deal with this type of water. Above all, we at Pinakin Technology Solutions help them through the process so that they can select which stripper column will be the greatest fit for their organization.

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