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A multiple-effect evaporator by Pinakin Technology Solutions is a device for effectively evaporating water via steam heat. Water is boiled in a series of containers, each kept at a lower pressure than the last, in a multiple-effect evaporator. Because water's boiling point drops as pressure drops, the vapours boiled off in one vessel may be used to heat the next, with just the first requiring an external source of heat. The water mist from one effect is used as the heat source for the following effect, which has a lower melting point. The high temperature in water vapour may also be reused by compressing it to a greater pressure and temperature, whether thermally or mechanically. The implementation of the multiple effect concept by Pinakin Technology Solution is required by the steam economy.

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An appropriate installation includes a triple or quadruple effect setup with adequate capacity to evaporate water, and is designed to supply vapours for juice warming and suction pan operation. Clients sometimes misunderstand these terms "single effect evaporator" and "multi effect evaporator," but the fact is that multiple-effect evaporators can remove far more solvent than single-effect evaporators. The heat source of the dispersion off of one effect is applied to heat a next effect in a multiple effect setup. As a result, the impacts are numbered, beginning with the one that is heated by steam.Pinakin Technology Solution's Multi-effect evaporator features numerous stages or "effects." The supply water is heated in each step by steam via tubes, which are frequently sprayed with salty water. Some of the liquid evaporates, and the vapor enters the next stage's tubes, warming and evaporating more water.

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