Dextrose Evaporator Column

Process of Dextrose system

Pinakin Technology Solutions is the only company in the world that manufactures and distributes pollution control systems for air, water, and solid waste. Pinakin's goal is to develop a number of methods that will aid in pollution reduction. Maltodextrins are usually categorized by their dextrose equivalent values, which can range from 0 to 20. The amount of reducing end aldehyde groups in comparison to pure dextrose at the same level is expressed as Dextrose Equivalent (DE), with a high DE indicating strong hydrolytic conversion and a lower average molecular mass. The functional features of maltodextrins are thought to be connected to the degree of DE and can be used to identify their uses empirically.

Wastewater Versatile Solutions

Maltodextrins having various physio-chemical characteristics, such as hygroscopicity, osmolality, viscosity, and cohesivity, come from variations in DE values. As a result, most commercial maltodextrins simply provide their DE value as a reference. By adjusting the hydrolysis conditions, it is feasible to make maltodextrin with comparable DE values but varied fractions of high and low molecular mass saccharides. Maltodextrins with various physio-chemical properties result from these combinations. The high molecular mass components have an impact on stability and solubility, whereas the predominance of low molecular mass components has an impact on viscosity, crystallinity, and sweetness.When it comes to technology, Pinakin Technology solutions aspire to evolve. Technological improvements allow for the regulation of the hydrolysis route, mostly through enzymatic procedures, in order to generate maltodextrin with a more specified saccharide composition. The distribution of molecular mass has been proposed as a more reliable measure for predicting maltodextrin characteristics, although only a few particular uses have been identified.

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